Published On Apr 9, 2012 | By Kevan | Audio

My relationship with Wintersleep is…complicated, to say the least. With their first two records, it was an instant and torrid love affair. 2007’s Welcome To The Night Sky was a bit of a rough patch between the two of us, and things kind of fell apart after 2010’s New Inheritors. As the band grew and evolved, they had began to trade that brooding, experimental nature I had fallen in love with for more traditional pop conventions, which have all been totally fine, but have never gripped me in the way they once did.

And I’ve been kind of bad at letting go of it. More often than not, Wintersleep gets short shrift from me, which is not something they entirely deserve. Present-day Wintersleep is still heads and shoulders above a lot of other bands out there, and I’m normally one to praise artists for embracing change, so I suppose there isn’t a great reason for these guys to be the exception to that. With that in mind, here’s “Resuscitate” from their upcoming Hello Hum record, which is out June 12 on Capitol/EMI. It’s…well, I’ll let you decide how it is for yourself.

+MP3: Wintersleep – Resuscitate

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